How to verify your Skrill account

First of all, make an account HERE.

We’re required by law to ask all customers to verify their account. Verifying your account usually takes less than five minutes and once done, helps us protect you against fraud and ensure you always have access to your money.

  • 1. Log in to your account

  • 2. Go to Settings > Verification

  • 3. Complete the verification process

You will need your passport, ID card or driver’s license and a proof of address issued in the past three months. Once you submit everything, your account can be verified within minutes.

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Why do I need to verify my account?

Verification makes us confident that you say who you are and that you are located where you say you are located. Verification allows us to do more for you, such as increasing or even removing the limits applied to your account.

How can I check if my account is verified?

To check if your account is verified, simply navigate to “Limits & Verification” in the “Settings” tab once you have logged into your Skrill account.

How to deposit money at Skrill?

With a credit or debit card.
Depositing funds from your credit or debit card is simple and instant – all you need is your card number, expiry date and security code.
Once you’ve used a card once, you can save it to your account for future use.

How to send money by mobile number or email

  1. Log in and go to ‘Send’
  2. Choose “Send to mobile number or email”
  3. Enter your recipient’s number or email
  4. Enter the amount you are sending
  5. Write a message for your recipient if you wish
  6. Confirm the amount and send

Here is an example.

skrill money transfer